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Tidy Cats coupons including printable ones and other forms of in store cat litter coupons are a favorite among cat owners. There is real value in every Tidy Cats coupon and in 2017 Tidy Cats allows its customers to save money on every purchase through its many redeemable Tidy Cat litter coupons and other popular promotions that are intent on giving every customer some reprieve on their pet related purchases. The Purina brand (also the producers of popular cat food products such as Friskies and Fancy Feast) has dominated as one of the leading cat litter manufacturers and with these free Purina coupons for Tidy Cat litter in 2017 everyone one of its customers stand to benefit in a tremendous way.

Purina Tidy Cats brand of cat litter, like its predecessor Tidy Cats has enjoyed a rich history of innovation and advanced development since its earliest conception in the late 1940′s. The original idea of providing cat owners with an effective and appealing solution to the problems associated with cat litter belonged to that of Minnesota businessman Ed Lowe who recognized that there was this great need to provide a product that could address many of the problems associated with the traditional and archaic methods of handling cat litter.


The filler (highly clay based), initially used by Ed, addressed, to some extent, problems associated with dust, odor and absorbance. From this platform a formidable new product (originally branded as Kitty Litter and then Tidy Cats in the 1960′s) and company ensued. Over the decades, the company continuously invested in research and development which has led to the evolution of an array of present day superior products associated with the cat litter brand. Since taking over the Tidy Cats brand, the Purina company has continued this rich tradition of providing its customers with top quality choices through a plethora of varied products to meet the diverse needs of its consumer base. To help ensure that their customers remain loyal to the brand, the company (Purina) makes use of Tidy Cats coupons for many of their cat litter products. These Tidy Cat litter coupons also come in printable forms and are issued by local grocery stores and the manufacturer.

With a huge focus on odor control, the sky continues to be the limit as Purina Tidy Cats continues with its quest to provide the best among the rest. Through these efforts various blends of cat litter filler has been compounded and made available on a global scale. With widespread competition from well established and up and coming cat litter brands, such as World’s Best Cat Litter and Arm and Hammer, Tidy Cats has seen the need to continue vigorously promoting its product through the use of cat litter coupons, free sampling and freebies among other things. Tidy cats continue to boast a wide collection of diverse litter products to meet the needs of all its potential customers.

Tidy Cats: Instant Action

With products such as the Scoop and Non-clumping Instant Action, which are designed for homes with multiple cats in mind, Tidy Cats primary focus is on eliminating odors quickly and completely. The Instant Action line of litter products have the characteristic features of being over 99% dust free, moisture-activated and is formulated to neutralized even the strongest of odors (ammonia) by locking in the odor. Both the Scoop and Non-clumping variety allows for quick and easy cleaning through their low tracking and strong clumping action; these characteristics making Instant Action a suitable litter product for multi-cat situations.

Tidy Cats: Breathe Easy

Another product with multiple cats in mind is the Non-clumping Breathe Easy cat litter. Yes, ‘non-clumping’. Non-clumping cat litter usually isn’t a desirable thing but Tidy Cat has used this to address one of the serious odor problems associated with having multiple cats. Formulated with antimicrobial odor control, it inhibits the growth of odor bacteria leading to a more pleasant atmosphere. Tidy cat litter coupons for these multi-cat variations of cat litter are also readily available. The clumping counterpart to Breathe Easy non-clumping litter is the Tidy Cats Scoop Breathe Easy. This litter has similar characteristics to the non-clumping but its strong clumping action facilitates easier cleaning of the litter box.

Situation where there are many cats using the litter box (it is recommended that there should be at least one box per cat) this can be a real wind breaker as continuous use of the box makes odor control a real challenge for even the best of cat litter. This litter is specially designed to address this odor problem created by multiple cats. Leveraging on each and every Tidy Cats coupon in purchasing these litter products is recommended for owners of multiple cats. Both the scoop and non-clumping version of this product continues in the tradition of being dust free (over 99%).

Tidy Cats: 24/7 Performance

There are also those products such as 24/7 Performance which places a lot of emphasis on ensuring that cat owners spend less of their time fiddling around the litter box. Tidy Cats’ idea is to allow the deodorizing effects of the cat litter to maintain a fresh natural odor over a period of several days without too much outside interference. With periodic cleaning which is facilitated by the easy clumping action of the litter (for the Tidy Cats Scoop variety), this feature can be a real time saver. Correlation of this litter line with one of Precious Cat’s leading products is no accident. Use of free samples and high valued coupons for Precious Cat litter and Tidy Cat in promoting their cat litter is a common occurrence. The Non-clumping variety of the 24/7 Performance cat litter is also low tracking and comes in a wide variety of package sizes at the retail outlets.

Tidy Cats Scoop: Small Spaces & Power Blend

These two scoop products have gained much popularity since their introduction on the market. Like the more established lines of litter, Tidy Cats litter coupons are regularly being used in the purchase of these two products. With the Tidy Cats Scoop Small Spaces and the Power Blend strong focus is placed on odor elimination to give and leave the room in a pleasant aura. Cat Litter CouponsWith Small Spaces the odor is locked up by the clumping action of the litter, the Power Blend makes use of a mix of clay and crystals to handle the strongest of odors.

Tidy Cats Lightweight

How do you feel about tossing you litter around? Or are you having difficulty moving that litter box and its contents around? Well, Tidy Cats has addressed this problem by providing its customers with the opportunity to opt for a lighter, less dense cat litter that is just as effective if not more so than the leading clumping cat litter on the market. Without any limitations on its ability to control odor and keeping with the high standards of being dust free and highly absorbent (as set by Tidy Cats), this litter is quickly becoming a favorite among cat owners. This litter comes in two (2) different package sizes (8.5 lbs. and 18 lbs.) and Tidy Cats Lightweight coupons are available for purchasing either size litter package.

Tidy Cats Scoop: Glade Tough Odor Solutions

This is the latest and newest innovation from Tidy Cats. Tidy Cats has combined its expertise in cat litter handling with that of the well known Glade brand which specializes in odor control and scent enhancement. This unique combination has led to the development of this new tough on odor cat litter solution. Unpleasant odor elimination from the cat litter box continues to be the focus but with the added feature of enhancing the natural scent of the room. This new line also enjoys the added features of being over 99% dust free and fast and strong clumping for easy cleaning of the litter box. Loyal customers of the brand can look forward to Tidy Cats coupon for this latest product as the company (Purina) actively promotes the Glade Tough Odor Solutions on the market.

Apart from the traditional cat litter fillers Tidy Cat has extended its research and product development work into related goodies such as litter box liners, deodorizers and litter boxes themselves. Perhaps the biggest break through and most innovative of these has been the Breeze from Purina. With this Tidy Cats Breeze litter system the idea is to separate solid waste from liquids (urine) to help maintain a high level of odor control. The system features a number of innovative ideas including the use of litter pellets and the Breeze Cat Pads for urine absorption. Each Tidy Cats Breeze coupon that is used towards the purchase of such a unit adds to the customers savings on pet care expense.

These being only a small sample of the products that Tidy Cats continues to produce it is no wonder why they continue to enjoy the prestige of being the worlds leading cat litter provider. Through their different promotions, such as gift cards and cat litter coupons, Tidy Cats’ hold on the market is likely to continue for the long run. Many cat owners continue to favor their product over the ‘lesser quality’ cat litter products out there.


Tidy Cats Coupons 2017

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