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Scoop Away cat litter coupons are as old as the brand itself. Over the years the many pet lovers who have chosen this litter as their litter of choice have tremendously benefited from their affiliation with the Scoop Away brand. In 2017, printable coupons, as well as manufacturer and in store coupons are freely offered for all the different lines of Scoop Away cat litter. These free Scoop Away coupons and other customer related promotions are all geared towards rewarding those who have not stayed away from Scoop Away.

Be it a visit to your nearest mall or the search engines such as Google, if you have ever embarked on a tour to get some clumping litter for your cat, you no doubt have come across The Scoop Away cat litter brand. One may assume that such a popular cat brand might have originated from the factories and warehouses of a well established company, but contrary to your expectations, the brand Scoop Away has its origins in a garage!



Scoop Away Cat Litter brand, manufactured by A & M Products, entered the cat litter business in the year 1987; according to the sources from the company website. Despite its humble beginning, the A & M Products was bought out by First brand Co. in 1992 after achieving a success of more than $43 million worth of sales. And in 1999 it was acquired by Clorox Pets Products Co.

The Chlorox Company was well known as an established player in the pet care market and had developed a sound reputation through some of its more reknowned products such as the Fresh Step cat litter brand. Fresh Step cat litter coupons had for years been used by the Chlorox Company to make an impact on the cat litter market. Scoop Away cat litter benefited significantly from this and leveraged on the marketing prowess of the Chlorox Co. to further advance into the cat litter market. The use of free samples and Scoop Away cat litter coupons became a wide spread marketing ploy that continues even today. With the increase popularity of ecommerce, printable Scoop Away coupons for cat litter and other products of the Chlorox Company are ever available.

After its purchase by Clorox co., the brand Scoop Away introduced other types of different cat litter variations such as Pure crystals among others in bid to promote quality and variety among Scoop Away users. As of today, Scoop away, like its competitors (including Tidy Cat and Cat’s Pride), boasts of several different litter variants of its cat litter.

Scoop Away Multi-cat Formula Clumping Cat Litter

This particular brandr is specifically designed for those who have many cats. This Scoop Away brand gives the best clumping available and a powerful odor control. It is made of very small granules as compared to other brands and it contains little dust, this means that your floor gets to stay clean for longer periods. To fight odors that come with having many cats using one litter box, this brand has odor agents that help fight microbes and bacteria that causes odor in your litter. It also possesses a maximum clumping action which comes in handy when you are removing mess made by your cats.

Scoop Away Unscented Clumping Cat Litter

For those who do not like odors, which most of us don’t (especially the unpleasant ones associated with cat litter), this is the brand for you. Scoop Away Unscented Clumping cat litter, a favorite among Scoop Away cat litter coupon users, is made of small granules of pure powder that are scentless. These granules have high absorbing power and combined with clumping action the mess left behind by your cats is made into little dry lumps which are very easy to scoop and dispose of. This brand also boasts of an ammonia shield, in that its granules absorbing power helps keep the litter dry and free from odors that come from ammonia contained in your cat’s excreta.

Scoop Away Plus Crystals Cat Litter

Scoop Away cat litter coupons

One line of cat litter for which coupons can be readily found is the Scoop Away Plus Crystals cat litter, which combines fine crystal granules, high absorption rates and the latest cat litter odor technologies to ensure that your cat achieves maximum comfort. This litter is 99% dust-free, thus when poured in the litter pan, it emits no dust at all, leaving your house cleaner. It incorporates two odor fighting technologies embedded in each of its granules. This ensures an odor-free litter all day long to you and your cat. This clay litter’s strong clumping action results in litter that is very easy to scoop.

Scoop Away Fresh Scent Clumping Cat Litter

To those who like scents then this brand is a must have. Scoop Away Fresh Scent Clumping cat litter not only offers excellent clumping ability, but also offers a great scent to boot. The scent that comes with this product not only masks the odor that lingers from urine but also leaves your cat and its litter smelling great. The excellent absorption capabilities offered by granules in this brand helps leave your litter dry and thus odor-free for many days if you fill your litter box with enough of this Scoop Away filler; by making use of your cat litter coupons this should not be a problem.

Scoop Away Extra Strength Clumping Cat Litter

If you are fighting against very strong odors emitted from your cat’s mess, this brand comes in very handy. It is particularly best for homes with many cats. Extra Strength Clumping cat litter has maximum odor patent technologies contained in its granules to fight the worst odors that lingers from your cat’s mess. Added to the odor guard technology is an anti-microbial agent that helps fight bacteria growth that ultimately leads to bad odors. Its clumping action helps solidify your cat’s excreta thus leaving a mess which is easy to clean and one that is odor-free.

Scoop Away has established a name for itself as a leading provider of cat litter through many years of innovation. To its many loyal customers Scoop Away and its subsidiaries make Scoop Away cat litter coupons available for every purchase so that savings can be acquired. With a wide variety of products to choose from there is no excuse for any customer who pays full price when purchasing Scoop Away cat litter.

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