Precious Cat Litter Coupons

In 2017 Precious Cat litter coupons can go a long way in making a dent on the money spent on one of the best cat litters around. These are redeemable at most of your favorite pet stores and retail outlets and the printable versions of the cat attract coupons are also readily accepted. Make the most of these kitty litter coupons and let every dollar count; with Dr. Elsey Precious Cat attract litter coupons you cannot go wrong.

Precious cat is a private company categorized under Veterinary Services, located in Englewood, Colorado. It was established in 1986. The founder of the company is Dr. Bruce Elsey. Dr. Elsey has been a feline veterinarian for over 30 years and his practice has cared for over 8,000 cats. Non-use of the litter box has been proven to be the #1 reason cats are neglected, mistreated, or placed in animal shelters. Dr. Elsey’s goal is to solve non-use litter box problems for your cats and create a happier and healthier life for them.

Most of the products Dr. Elsey produces, are cat and kitten attract formula litters. Like most cat litter producers Precious Cat uses cat litter coupons and other promotions to effectively market its products. All of these Precious cat litter products come with a solution booklet, to help you with your litter box aversion problem. The Precious Cat litter box line includes Cat Attract, Kitten Attract, Ultra Litter Attractant, Precious Cat Classic, Precious Cat Ultra, Precious Cat Senior, Long Hair Litter, and Respiratory Relief Litter.



Precious Cat Coupons

Cat Attract

Cat Attract was developed as a kitten and cat training litter. It is blended with a natural herb attractant. The Cat Attract herbal scent is an ideal texture and particle size to solve litter box problems. It helps bring problem cats back to the litter box. The Cat Attract formula also has a great hard clumping feature. It is an all natural formula with superior odor control. It is 99% dust free and is ideal for multiple cats.

The Classic cat litter is designed for hard clumping and low tracking. It features a larger and more dense particle that stays in the litter box. It clumps very hard and will not break in the litter box. Clumps that break will leave small pieces that cause an odor.

Kitten Attract

Kitten Attract is the #1 kitten training litter for kittens 8 weeks to a year old. It is also one of the newest editions to the Precious Cat line and retailers use cat attract litter coupons for this particular line of product to help with their sales and marketing. It has an ideal grain size and texture for a kitten’s tender paws. The herbal attractant piques a kitten’s curiosity making them want to use the litter box. Kitten Attract is also an all natural formula with hard clumping features.

Long Haired Litter

In many ways it can be argued that Precious Cat has distinguished its brand from that of the other competing cat litter manufacturers, such as Scoop Away, Tidy Cat and Arm and Hammer, by providing unique products that are not typical of the other brands. The Long Haired litter is one such product and it was designed specifically for cats with long hair. The formula consist of an amorphous silica gel infused with hydrolyzed herbs to draw cats to the litter box. It traps urine and odor on contact and it has a particle size long haired cats prefer. Cat Attract Litter CouponsThis cat litter will not adhere to a cat’s long hair and will not color their coat. It is also safe and healthy. With a non-toxic, biodegradable formula that is hypo-allergenic, with low tracking and hard clumping features.

Respiratory Relief Litter

The Respiratory Relief litter is available in two formulas. These formulas are clumping clay and silica gel. They both help control respiratory disease in cats because the formulas are low in dust and are hypo-allergenic with no plant proteins, perfumes, or deodorants. Stress levels have been measured at lower rates when less dust is present. These formulas are also all natural, hard clumping, and have superior odor control.

Precious Cat Senior

Precious Cat Senior is a litter designed for senior and overweight cats, helping prevent post surgery litter box aversion. Many pet owners are not aware of this line of cat litter by Precious Cat and do not realize that Precious Cat litter coupons are also available and redeemable for this cat litter. World's Best Cat Litter coupon and other brands are not as competitive against this litter line. It absorbs urine and odor on contact and traps it in crystals to keep the cat’s genital area clean and prevent Urinary Tract Infections. This can also prevents kidney failure. Small particle size and dust fines coat and dehydrate cat feces to reduce odor. This litter contains no organic material, is biodegradable, and non-toxic.

Precious Cat Ultra & Precious Cat Ultra Scented

Precious Cat Ultra formula is a combination of non-tracking granules of Classic cat litter and a medium grain clay. It has an excellent clumping formula that prevents moisture from reaching the bottom layers of litter. The clumps will not break down and is great for multiple cat families and cat owners that use a mechanical litter box. The Precious Cat Ultra Scented is similar to the Ultra formula but focuses on releasing a fresh scent whenever the litter is used. Like many of the Precious Cat products this litter is dust free and ideal for sifting.

There are also two scent attractive additives. These additives are called Cat Attract Litter Additive and Ultra Litter Additive. These formulas are basically the same, except one is used on medium sized particles. They are only available through your local veterinarian and are guaranteed to get your cat to use the litter box, or your money back. One bottle (20 ounces) will treat a 100 pounds of non-scented litter and will last one cat 3 months.

Besides cat litter and additives, Precious Cat also offers a Urine Removal Program with Aromatherapy. This solution uses enzymes to break down and eliminate urine, so your cats will use the litter box again. It is an effective, safe and natural solution for removing urine stains and odor.

With so many Precious Cat products, there is sure to be one that meets your needs. Whether you’re training a litter of kitten, or trying to get a stubborn cat to use the litter box, Precious Cat offers the best attractant cat litter available. To maximum on your purchases it is always wise to use the cat litter coupon codes that the company makes available to the public. Using the Precious Cat litter coupons could lead to tremendous savings in the long run.

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