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The availability of Litter Genie coupons to the valued customers of this Pet Care brand will continue to be of high priority in 2017 as the company seeks to provide every customer with greater value for their money. There is no shortage of coupon codes and high valued printable Litter Genie coupons that can be used by cat owners on a year round basis as they seek to cut back on their pet care expenses. Make effective use of these discount offers and let those savings accumulate with every single purchase.

Whether you have just one cat or a few at home, keeping your home fresh and clean at all times can be quite a challenge. With this in mind, pet owners should consider using a reliable cat litter system that is easy to clean and aids in maintaining the pleasant ambiance in their home. At the same time whatever system is implemented should not be a burden on your budget.

There are several brands of cat litter available in the market, and most of these lay claim to providing a hygienic and stress-free litter solution for your convenience. As we all know cat litter and its associated unpleasantness are some of the things that pet owners find less desirable to entertain about their cat. While most of the cat litter companies (including Scoop Away, Fresh Step and World’s Best Cat Litter) on the market have placed much emphasis on dealing with the problem of odor and litter tracking not much has been done in the area of waste litter storage and disposal. Some of the leading contenders (including Tidy Cats Breeze and PetSafe) in that regard have taken different approaches towards the development of what they consider to be effective solutions to this ‘lesser’ problem. For instance, the Litter Genie features a unique disposal system that not only minimizes odor, but also seals soiled clumps of litter. This way, you will not have to experience the difficulty in taking out the garbage each time you clean your pet’s litter box. The use of Breeze litter coupons and Litter Genie coupons by the competing brands is indication of their market share value.



Litter GenieWhile some cat owners are better able to deal with the inconvenience of always having to take out the garbage in some instances not only is it inconvenient but also rather impractical; these are the customers who are able to develop a real appreciation for such a product. Litter Genie comes with a built-in protection and odor-neutralizing components which works from the inside of the unit to help eliminate undesirable odor in your home. Moreover, it has a compact and space-saving design, which makes it ideal for use in cramped areas. You can even move it around the house with ease because of its easy-carry handle, so there is nothing to worry about when you have several litter box locations.

Cat Litter Genie: Product Features

The Litter Genie functions quite similarly with how the Diaper Genie works. For instance, you only need to scoop up the litter from the box, then open the Little Genie lid before dropping the contents in the container. Afterwards, you simply pull its handle to keep the odor and waste sealed completely inside. With the superb action of this product, it is possible to store waste up to about two weeks without taking a single trip to the trash bin. For those cat owners where the trash can is not readily accessible this is a godsend.

Litter Genie Box

Pet owners will find this product as a brilliant solution to their concerns about having multiple litter boxes and wastes to clean up. Since it allows you to store waste for several cats over a number of days; the unit is designed in such a manner that it hardly gives off any unpleasant smell even upon opening the lid. The company also vows that this product is one way to care for the environment because of its nature-friendly components. For the environmentally savvy pet owner, this is a great selling point that is used by the company together with Litter Genie coupons to help expand on their market.

Litter Genie Scoop

Among the product’s features include the scoop and scoop holder for your convenience in cleaning your pet’s litter box. The scoop fits perfectly in slots that are situated on the left or right side of the package, and it comes with the right depth and size that gives you the ease in removing your pet’s wastes.

There is also an opening located at the top portion of the Litter Genie, which serves as a handle that lets you carry it to several other litter boxes whenever necessary. Litter GenieHowever, you need to make sure that your fingers are securely positioned in the handle opening, so you can pick it up easily.

Lastly, there is a built-in cutter found inside the unit’s base. This part allows you to cut out the refill bag that is in use for quick disposal. After the bag is cut the bottom part of the refill bag that is left in the unit is tied so that more litter could be added. The cutter basically comes with a sharp razor edge that you can use in cutting through the refill.

Benefits of Litter Genie

The Litter Genie offers an efficient way to keep your entire home fresh and clean, which also reduces certain behavior issues in cats who are particularly fussy about dirty litter boxes. Furthermore, the product ensures you of a smart way to reduce wastes since there is no need to use numerous plastic bags just to scoop litter.

The bags are sturdy enough to provide ultimate protection against germs and odors, as they also come with a special air-tight design. They also use a built-in protection against bacteria that cause foul smell. Each refill bag can hold up to 2 months of cat litter from a single cat.

You can choose from two colors of the Litter Genie such as white or silver, so there are no problems in making it fit well with your home’s decor. Priced between $19 and $24, the product is quite an economical option for pet owners who are in search of ways to save some money without compromising quality. With the ability to make use of Litter Genie coupons when making your purchase there is no question about the value that every customer is receiving.

Promotions and Special Offers

Cat owners can always take advantage of special deal to boost their savings on this product. In fact, there are several companies that offer coupon codes and discounts for buyers who are in search of cheaper options for their purchases. Some online sources provide a $5 coupon which in some cases can be combined with lesser valued coupons but in the end translates to even more savings for the customer. Simple actions such as sign up for newsletters and sharing the product on the social media networks are all means through which you can secure cat litter coupons for this great product. As new coupons and other great deals on the purchase of Litter Genie disposal system become available make sure that you take full advantage and reduce on your pet expenses.

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In recent times Target have not offered any new coupons on some of our favorite brands such as Fresh Step or Tidy Cats but is current giving a $3 discount on any purchase of Litter Genie Disposable System from their retail outlets. Typically these coupons do not last very long and run out pretty quickly

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