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The Fresh Step cat litter brand always makes coupons available to its customers on a year round basis. In 2017 things are no different, these free Fresh Step cat litter coupons continue to be issued in various forms including printable ones, peelies and hang-tags. Both individual stores and the manufacturer issue these at great discounts to their customers. In some cases it may be possible to combine those Fresh Step coupons for even greater discounts. These cat litter coupons are among the best in terms of dollar value to the customers and the potential savings that one may enjoy.

The Fresh Step brand was created by the Clorox Company located in Oakland, California in 1984. Clorox had been an innovator in marketing for laundry and home cleaning products since the early 1900′s. Being immensely popular for its products, the Clorox company decided to expand its horizon to create a higher quality of cat litter for its customers.

Over the years Fresh Step has made it their business to promote their wide range of cat litter products through the advertisement media. Their use of fresh step cat litter coupons (printable, in store or manufacturer issued coupons) and free litter samples have enabled them to maintain a solid hold on their existing customers while slowly eroding on the market share of other cat litter brands. It is through innovation and their continuous quest to enhance their kitty litter brand that they continue to provide customer satisfaction by ensuring that customer have a wide range of effective products to choose from.



Fresh Step CouponsIn the process of striving to create the highest quality of cat litter, that eliminates odors and gives off the minimum amount of dust, several different types of cat litter were produced. All of which provide specific features pertaining to the number of cats using the litter, as well as the consumer’s personal preference. Today there are at least ten different types available on the market; each slightly different from the other and addressing multiple aspects of cat litter control.

Fresh Step’s Crystals:

Incorporates the use of crystals in contrast to the standard clay litter filler. The crystals enhance the level of odor protection while providing 99% dust free litter environment. It is also designed to effectively absorb moisture and as a result reduce on odors released from the cat’s urine. Small and lightweight, the crystals are easily sifted to enable easy cleaning of the litter, this particular litter has been proven to last seven times longer than the standard clay litter. As a bonus, the litter is also gentle on the cats paws.

Fresh Step Clay Litter:

Fresh Step’s best selling cat litter is the classic Fresh Step Clay Litter, like some of the different cat litter products from Precious Cat, it is created using carbon particles to eliminate odors and leave the home smelling fresh. The clay litter is highly absorbent and has fresheners that activate when the cat scratches the litter with it’s paws. The paw activated fresheners continuously works to further eliminate odors. Many customers have found it beneficial to use fresh step kitty litter coupons when making their purchases of fresh step clay litter as these fresh step coupons can each be worth several dollars in savings.

Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control:

One of the strongest odor controlling litters produced, the Extreme Odor Control litter is formulated with Carbon Plus and provides three types of odor defense. The three types of defense are extreme odor neutralization, non stop odor elimination and inhibition of odor producing bacteria. This line of kitty litter is effective even against the worst smelling litter boxes and is of comparable quality to many of the litter products from Scoop Away and Arm and Hammer.

Fresh Step Natural Scoop:

Natural Scoop was one of the first products developed by Fresh Step and was an answer to Purina Tidy Cats leading litter product. Tidy Cats coupon was widely promoted at the time and for Fresh Step it made sense to follow suit and make Fresh Step cat litter coupons widely available for all of its litter products. Composed of natural Pine and free of artificial scent; making it a safer and more pleasant experience for the cat. Activated Carbon is integrated as a means of providing round the clock odor protection. Fresh Step natural scoop also makes it easy to remove waste so that the litter box is kept clean over a longer period of time.

Fresh Step Natural Litter:

Fresh Step CouponsFresh step coupons are a favorite among cat owners who find satisfaction not only in the savings acquired but also the quality of the natural liter. Produced with 99% all natural materials, this line of product also features the use of Carbon as an odor controlling agent. Natural clay is added as one of the ingredients to provide maximum clumping, making the litter easy to sift and clean. The Natural Litter provides the cats with an experience of using the natural earth outdoors in contrast to manufactured material.

Fresh Step Plus Dual Action Crystals:

A combination of the Fresh Step Crystals and Fresh Step’s clumping clay litter. The dual action crystals provides the Carbon for odor control and crystals that absorb moisture upon contact. The clay and crystal combination works to provide easy cleaning, enabled by the clumping ability of the clay and odor control generated by the crystals. The potential to save using cat litter coupons is also a plus when making your purchases of fresh step dual action clumping litter.

Fresh Step Lavender Valley/Mountain Forest:

This is another line of cat litter product which features Carbon; it is infused with the fragrance of Lavender to provide a nice smell to cover any escaping odors that would result from the cat’s use of the litter box. Another clay litter is available with a mountain fragrance, it is known as Fresh Step Mountain Forest Litter. It functions in a similar manner to the Step Lavender Valley.

Fresh Step Multi-Cat Scented/Unscented:

A cat litter created to provide odor control in litter boxes used by multiple cats. Clay litter combined with Carbon, as well as other patented ingredients for immense odor control. Fresh Step Multi-Cat litter is available in different fragrances, or unscented for those who prefer to provide perfume and dye free litter for cats to use. This litter line addresses a range of customer needs and is suited for most households.

Fresh Step Odor Shield Scented/Unscented:

The Fresh Step Odor Shield is another clay litter with Carbon for odor control. Clumping ability of the clay allows for easier cleaning, which means the litter is required to be changed less often. The Fresh Step Odor Shield litter is available in scented and unscented types, though both provide the same amount of odor protection.

By taking advantage of all the cost saving promotions that Fresh Step continuously provides its customers through cat litter coupons, gift cards and free sampling every cat owner could benefit to some extent by using this brand. Fresh Step has created a large line of kitty litter products, all of which incorporate the use of Carbon. The Carbon added to the cat litter line is the key factor in the control and elimination of odors. Other materials such as pine, crystals and other natural ingredients are used for some litters to appeal to a wide array of consumers.

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