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Looking for kitty litter coupons so that you could save a few dollars on your pet care expense in 2017? With cat litter and cat food coupons there is no way that you as a customer can go wrong. We make every effort to provide the most updated free information on cat litter and cat food discount coupons that are available online so that you could maximize on those savings when shopping for some of your favorite cat food and cat litter brands. We also extend our efforts to the offline market in an attempt to provide everyone visiting our site with an opportunity (or two) to partake in whatever cost saving promotional events (particularly those which are coupon related) that are presently ongoing out there. As we all know caring for our pets is a most fulfilling and enjoyable experience but it can be rather expensive at times.

Therefore, it would be in our best interest to take advantage of any discounts on some of the top brands of cat litter out there. Not only do we stand to benefit (pocket-wise that is) but our pets (cats/dogs) will be provided the best in quality animal care. Through this website we plan on providing you with an array of printable cat litter coupons including those coupon codes from the manufacturer and associated retail stores.

Online Cat Litter CouponsIn many cases those promotions (in particular kitty litter coupons) come with certain restrictions such as limits on the quantity per customer, are item specific (i.e. restricted to a particular brand or package weight) and might even be isolated to a particular region. The time sensitive nature of kitty coupons (all coupons for that matter) are also a challenge for many consumers. How often have you come across a coupon or two only to realize that it expired a week earlier or even the day before?

Your typical litter bag will cost in the range of $8.00 to $12.00 for smaller packages in the range of 7 to 15 pounds. For much large packages at 25 or even 40 lb. it may cost you as much as $50.00+ for the ‘top-end’ brands. For many of the litter brands such as Tidy Cat, Scoop Away and Fresh Step (with their favored Fresh Step coupon) there are ongoing promotions year round. Many of these are litter coupons but comes in other forms such as free sampling and gift cards. Typical kitty litter and cat food discount coupon savings range from $1.00 – $3.00 but might be as much as $5.00+ depending on the brand and the day.

Often times getting the kitty litter coupon is one thing, getting the one that you want or need is something else. We all have our preferences for which litter best serves our particular situation. Cats also tend to have their preferences and depending on how finicky your pets are, they might just let you know in no uncertain terms that they dislike a particular litter or food for that matter; apart from having your preference, knowing your pet is also crucial.

Even when you are in possession of those coupons, two other major factors that would influence your choice of cat litter would be odor control and maintenance (meaning how often you have to attend to the litter box and easy with which it is cleaned). For many odor control is the biggest factor. The unbearable and nauseating stench that is associated with cat excrement (both urine and solid waste) is often cause enough to ensure that top dollar is spent to alleviate or eliminate bad odors; using those kitty litter coupons could add some cushion to your pocket when making those purchases.Kitty Litter Coupons For cat owners who are pressed for time (as is often the case these days) litter box maintenance is important. The less time that is spent cleaning and refilling the box the better.

Because of these issues, factors such as clumping, non-clumping, odor control formulas and even the dust levels associated with particular brands are given serious consideration when picking kitty litter. Other important factors which should not be overlooked, even with the best coupons in hand, include the number of cats you are catering for (a particular product which works perfectly for a single cat might utterly fail when more cats are introduced into the mix). The size and type of litter box and whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor pet are important things to consider.

Taking all of these factors into account might reduce your choices of cat litter and limit your coupon options. As such providing our visitors with an array of kitty litter coupons to choose from will continue to be the primary goal of this website. Many of the litter and cat food brands, including Arm and Hammer, Exquisicat, Friskies, Precious Cat and Tidy Cats try to provide a variety of options from which their customers could choose. With all that said, let’s look more closely at some of the advantages to using those litter coupons.

Benefits of Using Cat Litter & Cat Food Coupons

Cat Litter & Cat Food Savings

As mentioned previous, without any doubts the most obvious of these benefits is that it is a money saver. How much can you save? Well that depends, but even for the most conservative estimates the amount that is saved really adds up. A Pet owner with only a single cat might use up 40 lbs of litter for the month (conservatively) and for low end cat litter products a 40 lbs package might cost $15. For the year that is $180 spent on litter but consistent use of coupons during that period could lead to savings of $30 – $60 if $3 and $5 coupons are used. For the multiple cat owner out there, where cat litter and cat food consumption borders on the order of ridiculous, developing a deep appreciation for those coupons for every package of litter or food that is purchased would be well advised.

More Cat Litter & Food Options to Choose From

This is another benefit to using those litter coupons that many of us tend not to realize. With the amount that is saved when coupons are used we now have more money to use towards the purchase of other cat litter products that we wouldn’t typical consider. Cat treats and other cat accessories which are not of great priority but would add to the experience of caring for our cats may also be purchased. We may also consider purchasing better quality premium cat litter, litter accessories including litter disposal systems such as litter genie for which litter genie coupons are also available or even trying different brand varieties that would typical be beyond our budget but can now be purchased because of the lower cost resulting from using coupons.

Cat Litter Freebies and Other Discounts

By signing up or accepting coupons that will be redeemed when making your next cat litter purchase you open up a whole new world of opportunities that may otherwise have been inaccessible. For instance many of the top brands (examples, Swheat Scoop and Scoop Away) will seek those customers who are coupon users when bringing out a new product on the market or promoting an existing product using free samples and other huge discounts offers. Apart from the obvious savings that you receive through use of free litter samples there is this window of opportunity to experiment with different types of litter for your kitty without having to spend a dime in learning and understand what litter works best for your cat and your particular situation.

Cat Shelter Donations

The horrible situation with animal abuse and neglect is a pervasive one and thankfully there are a number of groups and shelters that have dedicated their time and resources towards providing these animals with a safe haven. All too often the cost of doing so is overwhelming and for cats in particular the need for cat litter is an added burden that really stretches available resources. Use of cat litter coupons by these shelters is a huge cushioning factor when purchasing kitty litter and at the same time it allows for those of us who are more conscious of these situations to make a more meaningful and valuable contributions towards the cause.

While providing you with information on how to access and make maximum use of every discounted coupon for your purchase of kitty food and litter, both online and in your local stores or supermarket will be our focus; we take the liberty of arming you with the resources needed to capitalize on all your grocery and other shopping discounts. Coupons are a major part of every day shopping and using them effectively can bring major savings; don’t underestimate the value of kitty litter coupons especially in today’s economic climate.

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